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A very different Christmas (present)

Twelve months ago, Batemans Bay didn’t know that the Bushfires of 2019 would change the world as we know it. The devasting fires were followed by floods, and then of course just before Easter, Covid-19 struck.

So 2019 is one better remembered than lived, that is for sure. And it is no surprise we are looking forward to a (different) 2021.

In that spirit, we have themed a bunch of gifts that reflect that spirit of difference. (We are slowly loading them onto our online shop as we manage to take photos in between serving customers at the shop in Village Centre.)

The gifts/ hampers are all food based, because, well we like food, and we think there is no better way to make good memories than to share a meal with loved ones.

  • Food-themed
  • Local produce
  • Useful ‘packaging (not brown boxes to throw out, but trays/ baskets etc that can be used)
  • Added extras to make the gift suit the occasion
  • Various Occasions/ preferences
    • Netflix & Chill
    • The Sleepover
    • The Grill Sergeant
    • Roma Roma Romance (for pasta lovers)
    • Thanks for having us
    • It-must-be-noon-somewhere (a range of alcohol infused treats/ cakes/ sauces etc)

So keep an eye on things in our online store by liking our facebook page or by popping in from time to time.

PS – Most gifts will be offered in very limited quantities so as to preserve the uniqueness

PPS: Some gifts contain wine from (Saddleback region near Gerringong) so when picking up, please make sure an adult is present if the gift contains alcohol.

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Launched – Gift Hampers stuffed with local goodies

Most gift hampers are stuffed with whatever product the seller happens to make. Wine hampers are full of, well … wine.

Or some may go to the trouble of ‘curating’ a hamper with a nice range of different goodies. But those goodies come from the supermarket – at inflated prices because they are ‘re-packaged’ in a box with a bow.

Well, we wanted different. We don’t make the product, and we are a retailer with access to hundreds of local (Australia/ NSW South Coast) products so we can put together something really different from a wide range of suppliers.

We also put some thought into the hampers. We did not want to make it ‘product-focused’, but something that suits different PEOPLE on different occasions. We have hampers that says thank you, we have hampers that helps you put together an amazing dish, we have hampers for the Grill Sergeant, or hampers for a night of Netflix & Chill.

Most are one of a kind and offered at a range of price points.

  • Stuffed with local food & drink
  • Hampers with a difference
  • Unique hampers
  • Thoughtful hampers (themes/occasions)
  • Hampers that show you care & thought about the person receiving it
  • Affordable hampers
  • Nicely presented

What more could you want?